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East Finchley Poetry Writing Workshops

Course or Workshop
Work with tutors, mentors or a writing group

Usually starts at 10:30 am
and finishes at 1:00 pm

Presenter: Dennis Evans FRSA


Poetry Writing Workshops designed to encourage and celebrate each person's creativity. The workshops provide the opportunity to experiment with a wide variety of poetry in a supportive and constructive atmosphere. Suitable for those already writing and for those who have a desire to write.

Workshops are every 4 weeks. Tel: +44 (0) 208 346 9528
or e-mail Dennis Evans: dennis (at) poetry1.plus.com.

individual events belonging to a series may sometimes differ, for instance, by being a different price or being held at a different location or time - see events for further details

Usual location

East Finchley Poetry Writing Workshops [London (North)] see map
N2 9UU
Greater London

Some events may take place in an alternative location in which case see event for location details

run by Dennis Evans, at 58 Helen Close, East Finchley, London N2 0UU.