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Poetry Out Loud

Course or Workshop
Work with tutors, mentors or a writing group

Usually starts at 11:00 am
and finishes at 12:30 pm

Presenter: Carolyn O'Connell

free entry

Third Thursdays of the month: A meeting for like minds...

Poetry Out Loud is open to anyone interested in poetry who would like to read, write and talk about the subject whether or not you are a poet, a lover of poetry or just curious and would like to spend an hour a month with like minds.

Refreshments are usually available for a small charge that goes to charity. Otherwise, tea/coffee is usually provided by the library.
individual events belonging to a series may sometimes differ, for instance, by being a different price or being held at a different location or time - see events for further details

Usual location

Sandiway Library [Northwich] see map
North West

Some events may take place in an alternative location in which case see event for location details

located in Mere Lane